Leisure and Development Committee

Date: Tuesday, 15 Jun 2021 Time: 7:00 PM


1.  Apologies
2.  Declarations of Interest
3.  Minutes of Leisure and Development Committee Meeting held Tuesday 18th May 2021 (summary attached)
4.  Members will receive a presentation from Coleraine Football Club

FOR DECISION (Items 5-10 inclusive)

5.  Seaport Avenue Coastal Erosion (Report attached)
6.  Dungiven Bowling Project (Report attached)
7.  Digital Transformation Programme (Report attached)
8.  Enterprise Fund (Report attached)
9.  NI 100 Projects (Report attached)
10. Harry Gregg Foundation (Report attached)

FOR INFORMATION (Items 11-13 inclusive)

11. PCSP Annual Report (Report attached)
12. Tranche 2 Town Centre Recovery Fund (Report Attached)
13. Capital Project Update (Report Attached)
14. Correspondence (Report Attached)
15. Matters Reporting to the Partnership Panel

16. Consultations


17. HALP Recovery Plan (Report attached)
18. Ballycastle SEC (Report attached)
19. Any other relevant business notified in accordance with Standing Order 12. (o)

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