Full Council

Date: Tuesday, 15 Dec 2015 Time: 7:00 PM


1.     The Mayor’s Business
2.     Apologies 
3.     Declarations of Members’ interests
4.     Minutes of Council Meeting held 24th November 2015 for confirmation (copy attached)
5.     Presentations
5.1   NIE Networks (Northern Ireland Electricity) (presentation attached) 
        Rodney Ballentine, Network Operations Manager
        Christine Baker, Customer Relations Manager
5.2   CART (Capital Asset Realisation Team)
        Jonathan Moore, Head of Lands and Property with Strategic Investment Board (SIB) (presentation attached)
6.     Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting held 25th November 2015 for confirmation (copy attached)
7.     Minutes of Environmental Services Committee Meeting held on 1st December 2015 (copy attached)
8.     Minutes of Leisure and Development Committee Meeting held on 10th November 2015 (to follow) 
9.     Minutes of Audit Committee Meeting held 9th December 2015 (to follow)
10.   Land and Property Issues in Portballintrae (report attached) 
11.   Somme Working Group (report attached) 
12.   Matters for reporting to Partnership Panel (report attached) 
13.   Correspondence (report attached)
14.   Consultation Schedule (report attached)
15.   Seal Documents
15.1  Portrush West Bay Environmental Improvement Scheme- Supplemental agreement between Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council and Newtownstewart Construction Ltd.
15.2  Grave Registry Certificates Ballymoney Cemetery (No’s 1472 and 1473) 
15.3  Grant of Burial Deeds Register Enagh Cemetery (No. 435)
15.4  Grave Registry Certificates, Coleraine, Ballywillan, Agherton and Portstewart Cemeteries (Nos 4301-4310 incl)
16.    Notice of Motion submitted by Councillor McGlinchey, seconded by Councillor Nicholl
“That this council supports a bypass for Dungiven, calls on the Minister for Regional Development to publish the findings of the 2012 public inquiry and to progress to the development stage of the process immediately. Furthermore, this council is committed to the delivery of a bypass, to pursuing funding and resources and to working with all relevant stakeholders.”
17. Notice of Motion submitted by Councillor Nicholl, seconded by Councillor McGlinchey
“That this Council notes with concern that the levels of Invest NI Funding that has historically come into the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council area is, given the levels of deprivation and unemployment, disproportionately much less than other council areas and that this Council will immediately liaise with Invest NI and Governmental Departments to address this without further delay.”
18. Notice of Motion submitted by Alderman Hillis, seconded by Alderman Campbell 
“Cross party all council Motion made following delegation on behalf of the 7 Rates Support Grant recipient councils, with Minister for the Environment, held on 11th November 2015
“That the NI Executive commits to 
(i) ring-fencing a sum of a minimum of £18.325m within Executive budgets from 2016/17 onwards, from the Department of the Communities and if necessary related Departments
(ii) a fundamental review of the rates support grant mechanism coupled with a review of its aims & objectives to ensure that those councils, with proven socio-economic need, can maintain comparable levels of service provision to those councils with stronger, sustainable rates bases”. 
19. Rates opening Position (report attached)
* recommended for confidential consideration 
20. Land transaction (report attached) 
* recommended for confidential consideration
21. Call in request received 1st December 2015 (verbal update) 
* recommended for confidential consideration

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