Environmental Services Committee

Date: Tuesday, 14 Jun 2022 Time: 7:00 PM


1.    Apologies 

2.    Declarations of Interest

3.    Minutes of Environmental Services Committee meeting held Tuesday 10 May 
      2022 (summary attached)

      FOR DECISION (Items 4-9 inclusive) 

4.    Entertainment Licensing Report (report attached

5.    Grant of Approval of a Premises as a Venue for Civil Marriage (report attached

6.    Regulation of Cosmetic Treatments (report attached

7.    Building Control Vacant Property Inspections Project in collaboration with Land & 
       Property Services (report attached

8.    Consideration of proposed Dog Control Order Excluding Dogs from Lands (report attached

9.    Repair of West Bay Promenade & Revetment (report attached

    FOR INFORMATION (Items 10-23 inclusive) 

10.   Amusement Permit Renewals (report attached

11.   Approval of Premises as a Venue for Civil Marriage (report attached

12.   Approval of Premises as a Venue for Civil Partnership (report attached

13.   Entertainment Licence Renewals (report attached

14.   Licences Issued Under Delegated Authority (report attached

15.   Society Lottery Registrations (report attached

16.   Pavement Café Licence Renewals (report attached

17.   Petroleum Spirit Licence Renewals (report attached

18.   Poisons Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1983 Registration of Persons Entitled to 
        Sell Non-Medicinal Poisons included in Part II of the Poisons List (report attached

19.   Street Trading Licence Renewals (report attached

20.   Private Contractor Litter Enforcement Statistics (WISE) & Easter Cruise Patrols 
        (report attached

21.   The Private Tenancies Act (NI) 2022 – Notice to Quit (report attached

22.   Installation of Water Bottle Refill Station at Rathlin Island (report attached)

        IN COMMITTEE (Items 23-24 inclusive) 

23.   Review of Private Litter Enforcement Contract (report attached) 

24.   Variation of Concessionary Trading Terms & Conditions – Second Legal Opinion 
        (report attached)

25.   Any Other Relevant Business (notified in accordance with Standing Order 12 (o)) 
Alderman Baird
(1)  Following my previous representations regarding the high volume of traders operating from Ballintoy Harbour in summer 2021 can Officers give Council an update on action taken to date and plans for further controls? In particular, the report should focus on risks to Council posed by uninsured coasteering and water sports providers and the negative impact this is having on the goodwill which Council relies on from adjoining landowners. The National Trust have now acted to minimise risks and Council should do likewise.
Councillor MA McKillop
(2)  Repairs at Cottage Wood
(3)  Weeds at playparks 
Councillor Holmes
(4)  Could the committee receive an update on the work to clear plants growing on Coleraine town hall?
(5)  Can council ask DFI for a town by town update on weed spraying along pavements?
Councillor McQuillan
(6)  Could I have an update on the Depot strategy please?
(7)  Could I have an update on the lack of grass cutting at our local cemeteries? 
Councillor Bateson
(8)  What are Summer opening hours at Amenity sites?

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