Leisure and Development Committee

Date: Tuesday, 13 Oct 2015 Time: 7:00 PM


1. Apologies
2. Declarations of Interest
3. Minutes of meeting held Monday 14th September 2015 (summary attached)
4. Members will receive a presentation from Epilepsy Action NI (presentation attached)
5. Members will receive a presentation from Garvagh Museum ( presentation to follow)
    Sport and Wellbeing 
6. Sport and Wellbeing Service Strategy (Report attached)
7. Sport and Leisure Facility Strategy (Report attached)
    Community and Culture
8. Good Relations Grants (Report attached)
9. Small Social Inclusion Grants (Report attached)
10. Advice Services (Report attached)
     Tourism and Recreation
11. Destination Management Strategy (Report attached)
12. Cushendall Caravan Park Touring Site Upgrade (Report attached)
      Sport and Wellbeing 
13. CC&G Sports Awards (Report attached)
14. CAUS (Report attached)
15. World Mental Health Day (Report attached)
      Prosperity and Place
16. Regional Start Initiative Extension (Report attached)
     Community and Culture
17. Garvagh Museum (Report attached)
18. Portstewart EI Tender Report (Outline report attached – Main report to follow)
19. Benone Catering Services (Report attached)
20. Leisure & Development Organisational Structures (Report attached)
21. The Director will provide a verbal update on the progression of the Enterprise Zone.
22. Correspondence (Report attached)
23. Consultations (Report attached)
24. Any other relevant business
25. Date of next meeting 
• Tuesday 10th November 2015, 7pm 

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