Environmental Services Committee

Date: Tuesday, 10 May 2022 Time: 7:00 PM


1. Apologies
2. Declarations of Interest
3. Minutes of Environmental Services Committee meeting held Tuesday 12 April 2022 (summary attached)
FOR DECISION (Items 4-7 inclusive)
4. Entertainment Licensing Report (report attached
5. Health and Safety Partnership Liaison Officer (report attached)
6. All Ireland Pollinator Plan (report attached)
7. Environmental Services Business Plans 2022/23 (to follow)
FOR INFORMATION (Items 8-18 inclusive)
8. Amusement Permit Renewals (report attached)
9. Entertainment Licence Renewals (report attached)
10. Licences Issued Under Delegated Authority (report attached)
11. Society Lottery Registrations (report attached)
12. Petroleum Spirit Licence Renewals (report attached)
13. Street Trading Licence Renewals (report attached)
14. Poisons Regulations (Northern Ireland) - Registration of Persons Entitled to Sell Non-Medicinal Poisons included in Part II of the Poisons List (report attached)
15. Private Contractor Litter Enforcement Statistics (WISE) (to follow)
16. Council Emergency Plan (report attached)
17. Coleraine Cemetery Vehicular Access Restriction (report attached)
18. Castlerock Footbridge Update (report attached)
IN COMMITTEE (Items 19 – 24)
19. Residual Waste Contract – Tender Report (to follow)
20. Asset Realisation - Declaration of surplus to requirements asset known as ‘Eastermeade Stores’, Ballymoney (report attached)
21. Re-Surfacing and Lighting Project at Ballintoy Harbour and Carpark (report attached)
22. Affordable Warmth Scheme Update (report attached)
23. Food Standards Agency Response to Request for Additional Financial Support (report attached)
24. Anaerobic Digestor Facility - Investigation and Prosecution Update (report attached)
25. Any Other Relevant Business (notified in accordance with Standing Order 12 (o)) 

(i)  Councillor Wallace

     Can you give me an update on the grass cutting bay at Crosstagherty?

(ii) Councillor McQuillan

     Considering the rise in fuel costs for vehicles and the fact Government are now pushing motorists towards Electric vehicles, has council any           plans to increase the number of EV charging points within its car parks to meet the demand?  Considering the insignificant number of EV                 charging points across the Borough and in particular Council owned car parks, has council given any consideration to limiting the time                     permitted at each EV point to 2/3 hours until adequate numbers of points are installed?

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