Why going green matters to your business

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Sustainability is hot on everyone’s agenda right now, with operational costs continuing to rise and consumers increasingly choosing to spend their money with brands whose values align with their own, it means that being sustainable now makes strong business sense, as well as being better for the planet and society.

Below are our 5 key reasons as to why going green is good for your business:

Improve your brand profile:

By focussing on green practices within your business, you can prove to customers that you are a responsible company, which will also feed into your marketing and unique value proposition.

Increase sales:

Green practices can help improve sales, with approx. 55% of consumers being prepared to spend a more on ethical and more sustainable brands and products. Once you build strong brand loyalty not only is there a better chance of repeat sales, but your customer base will often also act as brand champions.

Reduced costs:

With operational costs continuing to rise in business becoming more resource efficient can help you improve your profit margin. Not only will reducing energy or food wastage within your business cut your carbon footprint, but you could be cutting significant running costs too.

Improve staff morale and retention rates:

Working for an ethical company can significantly improve your employees’ motivation and sense of job satisfaction in their roles. Recent research found that 71% of employees and job seekers wanted to work with more sustainable companies, and nearly half surveyed were prepared to accept a lower salary to work for such organisations.

Improve innovation:

Coming up with new ways to improve resource efficiency within the business can be challenging, but it can also lead to some interesting innovations. By putting a team together to consider new sustainable solutions, you can be surprised at the ideas and opportunities that can spring from these conversations. 



Need help to go green?

If you’re interested in working with a business mentor to find out more about integrating sustainable practices into your business, contact the Louise Pollock from the Alchemy team at email:  louise.pollock@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk 

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