Digital Causeway and the Enterprise Zone

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The Digital Causeway concept - unlocking  the north coast of Northern Ireland as a prime location in for the ICT and data-reliant sectors.

Coleraine was selected as the most suitable landing point in the North Atlantic for an advanced high capacity telecommunications exchange centre that links the North American, UK, Ireland and major European centres together, with a very fast data communications network.

With this advantage in place, it was announced that the landing site would also become the site of Northern Ireland's first Enterprise Zone - a zone connected to the Kelvin Data Cable which connects the north coast to the markets of Europe and North America.  Enhanced Capital Allowances permit 100% first year write-off for qualifying plant and machinery expenditure.

October 2013 saw planning granted for a 4.5 acre site, proposed data centre and associated works including external plant office accommodation, parking and security provision. The site will be enabled with appropriate power and fibre optic connection, in an appealing landscape with an average ambient outdoor temperature of 18 degrees centigrade or less.

In addition, the site is within easy distance of the Computer Science Research Institute (CSRI), which is part of Ulster University, which is carrying out intensive levels of research in emerging key technologies in computing and engineering.  The University’s research leadership in biotech, clinical care, and Cloud Computing competence, provides a talent base for medical systems companies delivering on their ‘connected for health’ product strategies.

Over the coming months, Council will begin to develop a marketing strategy for the Digital Causeway concept in anticipation of an anchor tenant for the Enterprise Zone.  If you are interested in finding out more about Digital Causeway, or playing a part in its development, contact Niall McGurk on 028 7776 0311 or 07517 988169