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Information for Individuals


Learning for FREE 

Many courses in literacy and numeracy are free, and you may not have to pay for tuition if you’re going for your first qualification equal to GCSEs or A levels. There are also many opportunities to learn for free online.


Free short-term courses to improve skills

If you’ve been impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19), a range of free, fully-accredited courses are now available to help you retrain and improve your skills. Please browse the options at the link above. 



Information for Employers


Staff Training and Development 

This page contains information on:

  • Training your staff:  Understand the importance of staff training and how employers can identify training needs that will benefit their staff and business as a whole
  • Skills and training for directors and owners: The key skills needed by business owners and directors and how these skills can be developed
  • Networking for staff development: How networking can lead to effective partnerships with other businesses and help your staff develop their knowledge and social skills
  • Staff and business development through higher education: Higher education training opportunities can help develop your employees and grow your business
  • Further education training opportunities for your business: How further education (FE) courses can develop your employees' professional skills and bring measurable benefits to your business
  • Vocational qualifications: How vocational qualifications can help you develop the skills your employees need to perform particular jobs or roles


Food Hygiene, Allergen, COVID-19 and other online training

The courses below in the downloadable document are NOT a list of recommended organisations authorised by this Department but merely a list of those known to provide online training.  It includes both free and paid options. Please see attached file 

Food Hygiene, Allergen, COVID-19 and other online training