Retailers: Creating a Warm Welcome Back

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Webinar 1:  Creating a Warm Welcome Back

As our towns start to open up again to customers it is important not only that businesses follow the new guidelines set out but also that customers feel confident to return to Shop Eat and Enjoy what our towns have to offer.  How do you still create that magical presence to entice people to come into your shop?  Mags McAlpin, visual merchandising professional, outlines the tools you need to create a warm welcome back for your customers whilst adhering to the guidelines.    


Webinar 2: Retail Recovery Action Plan.  Keeping the Retail Magic Right Through to 2021.  Part 1 and Part 2

Retail is changing and the demand is for a better experience.  That better personal experience starts from that first look in the window right through to closing the sale.  During this session Mags McAlpin, Creating Retail Magic, will provide a detailed walk through on putting together a Retail Recovery Action Plan from now until 2021.  There are 2 parts to the session:  By the end of these webinars, you will have the tools to put together a Retail Recovery Action Plan and Keep that Retail Magic right through to 2021. 


Part 1: [38mins] 

·        Visual Merchandising and Promotions Canvas

·        Consumer Confidence and Optimism: a snapshot of our retail world

·        Ready to Serve: Government Guidelines on Best Practice for creating a safe retail space

·        Rethinking Your Interior: Store layout and creating a safe and trustworthy welcome to your space


Part 2: [52mins]

·        Creating Retail Magic: Visual merchandising ideas for Summer/Autumn 2020

·        The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Preparing for Christmas 2020

·        First Footing:  Thinking about 2021

·        Questions and Answers

·        Support details


Health and Safety Advice for Retailers


Webinars and Canvas Links

DOWNLOAD A COPY: Visual merchandising and promotions canvas