ReVitalise Portrush 2018/2019

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Portrush Revitalise Programme  

£500,000 has been made available for a revitalise scheme for Portrush.  

The funding will be used:  

  • To improve building frontages, improve the overall attractiveness of the area for shoppers and visitors in the lead up to and during the Open
  • To bring new vitality to the area and complement the Public Realm and UDG works

Eligibility is being extended to cover the same area as the Urban Development Grant scheme. However priority will be given to those business properties in the blue area.
The scheme area is as follows: 

The grant funding will be capped at £5,000 per property, however business owners may decide to fund additional works

The grant funding will cover 90% of the costs and applicants are required to make a 10% contribution on any grants up to £5,000. 

The first tranche of applications closed on the 27 April 2018 and over 100 applications have been received from both the blue area and the green area.

A Steering Group has been established and the group will act as the decision making forum for applications. 

Their role is to ensure the following:

  • that the grants are fairly allocated.
  • that the project runs smoothly.
  • that the project is delivered within budget.
  • that the project is delivered within the timeline for completion. 

The group is made up of the following: 

Local representation:

Wilson Torrens, Anita Brolly, Alan Simpson, Scott Borthwich, Mary McIntyre-Loveridge.


Ald Frank Campbell,   Ald Sharon McKillop,   Cllr Mark Fielding,   Cllr Trevor Clarke,   Cllr Sean McGlinchey, Cllr William McCandless,  Cllr Dermot Nichol,   Cllr Norman Hillis, Cllr Angela Mulholland, Cllr Sandra Hunter

Council Officers:

Alan Jeffers (Regeneration Manager) and Jan O’Neill (ReVitalise Project Officer) will facilitate and advise the Steering Group, supported by technical and planning officers. 

Department of Communities 

David Gray and Karen Letters 


Progress to date 

• A preliminary briefing meeting took place on Thursday 10th May 2018. 

• Group has agreed to reconvene late June to review the first batch of applications. 

• Meetings will continue on a regular basis until decisions on the first tranche of applications has been completed.


For further information, please contact:    

Jan O’Neill

Physical Regeneration Project Officer

Telephone: 028 2764 9491  

Mobile: 07525 906965