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Market Research

Starting in 2010 Council has commissioned an annual perceptions survey as a valuable tool in measuring the effectiveness of the urban regeneration programme currently being implemented in Portrush.

The attached results from 500 visitor and resident interviews conducted in the summer 2013 should be viewed as describing trends over time rather than providing absolute statistics. The results therefore indicate trends in the attitudes of visitors and residents over the years as the regeneration process unfolds.  

The 2013 independent results were commissioned from MRNI Ltd.

Portrush Vistor Survey Presentation 2013 (view at the bottom of this page)  

Footfall Counters Installed 

A series of footfall counters have been installed at key locations in Portrush.  The objective is to monitor the effectiveness of completed projects and monitor the performance of the town by measuring the changes in the number of recorded pedestrians over time. 

Vehicle Counting

Council in partnership with DRD Roads Service have installed a vehicle counting system capable of monitoring the number and type of vehicles driving onto the peninsula. The system highlights peak traffic flows by week and parts of the day.

Research Co-ordination

Together the footfall counters, vehicle counter, annual public perception research and specific issue research collectively provide Portrush with a comprehensive performance monitoring profile. 

Millward Brown Portrush Resident & Visitor Survey Sept 2012 (view at the bottom of this page) 

Card Group Portrush Resident & Visitor Survey Summer 2017

Portrush Vistor Survey Presentation 2013 (Powerpoint)

Millward Brown Portrush Resident & Visitor Survey Sept 2012

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