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The Lansdowne Masterplan

Following comprehensive consultation and further subsequent development, The Lansdowne Masterplan Final   (Pdf - 4MB) was adopted by Council in October 2014.

Council initiated the masterplanning project to address various ad hoc challenges which had appeared to possibly compromise the unique ambience of the Lansdowne area.

An inter-departmental Steering Group consisting of key public sector interests supported Council throughout the masterplan development process.

The project was jointly funded with the Department for Social Development.

 The consultation process together with the associated significant public interest demonstrated the importance of the area to both residents and visitors alike.

The Lansdowne Masterplan has now been integrated within the broader Portrush Regeneration Strategy which was adopted by Council in 2007 and is currently being implemented.

The masterplan report was produced by The Paul Hogarth Company.

Expressions of Interest are invited to lease the existing shelter. Expression of Interest Submission  Deadline - 12:00 Noon, 5th June 2015 Lansdowne Shelter, Lower Lansdowne Rd, Portrush, BT56 8AY

Lower Lansdowne Road - Portrush brouchure 


Wednesday, April 16, 2014 
Download Draft Lansdowne Masterplan Proposals
LANSDOWNE AREA, PORTRUSH.  Friday, April 4, 2014 

Lansdowne area masterplan: public consultation on the draft proposals. 

Coleraine Borough Council recently commissioned a masterplanning project for the Lansdowne area in Portrush which has now reached the draft proposals stage. Arrangements for public consultation on the draft proposals are as follows:

Venue: The Main Hall, Portrush Town Hall, Kerr Street, Portrush.

Date: Wednesday 16th April 2014

Time: 17:30 -19:30

A static display of the draft proposals will also be available for viewing and comment at Portrush Library, 12 Causeway Street, Portrush from Monday 14th April to Saturday 26th April.

Mayor of Coleraine Councillor David Harding, commented, “There was an excellent response to the first public consultation session held in January. I would now encourage everyone with a continuing interest in the Lansdowne area to avail of this opportunity to consider the draft proposals. This is an important opportunity for the broader community including visitors to Portrush to make a valuable contribution to the planning process as Council welcomes the input from everyone”. 

The eventual outcomes of the project will influence the implementation phase of the Portrush Regeneration Strategy and other complementary projects.

The Paul Hogarth Company is engaged as project consultant to support Council in preparing the plan.

For further information contact Coleraine Borough Council on 70347011.

Written submissions on the draft proposals can be submitted to:


Mr J Hennessy

The Paul Hogarth Company

Unit 3 Potters Quay

6 Ravenhill Road

Belfast BT6 8DN

Lansdowne public consultations rescheduled for April 

The final round of public consultations to consider the Lansdowne masterplan draft proposals was scheduled for mid- March. 

Given the substantial response to the initial consultations and the need to ensure a good opportunity for both residents and visitors to consider the draft proposals, the consultations will now take place in mid-April.  

The consultation period will be extended to include Easter week and end on 27th April.

Further details will be available through the Council website and advertised in the local press. 


An initial public consultation meeting will be held as follows:
Date:  Wednesday 29th January 2014
Time: 5.30 pm - 7.30pm
Location: The Main Hall, Portrush Town Hall. 
Coleraine Borough Council  has recently commenced a masterplanning project for the Lansdowne area. The design consultants engaged on behalf of Council are The Paul Hogarth Company. Council would warmly welcome your views and opinions.  Everyone is welcome to attend. 
If you wish to make an initial written contribution please contact:
W: Mr  James Hennessey
The Paul Hogarth Company Ltd
Unit 3 Potters Quay
6 Ravenhill Road
Belfast BT6 8DN
The closing date for responses is Friday 31st January 2014.
A further public consultation will be held in March 2014 at the draft design stage.

Lower Lansdowne Road - Portrush brouchure

Draft Lansdowne Masterplan Proposals

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