What Makes Us Different?

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What Makes Us Different?


The Digital Causeway

An emerging hub for information technology, stemming from our University links, our proposed Enterprise Zone and superb information technology infrastructure.


The Enterprise Zone

Coming soon, a zone connected to the Kelvin Data Cable which connects the north coast to the markets of Europe and North America.  Enhanced Capital Allowances permit 100% first year write-off for qualifying plant and machinery expenditure.  For more information please visit Atlantic Link Enterprise Campus


Unique Data Communication Capabilities

Coleraine was selected as the most suitable landing point in the North Atlantic for an advanced high capacity telecommunications exchange centre that links the North American, UK, Ireland and major European centres together, with a very fast data communications network.


Potential for Cost-effective Energy Resources

The borough already contributes to cleaner, greener energy for Northern Ireland through extensive wind farm development; however, further strides in this field are being taken with the proposed development of a sustainable, localised microgrid for the area, coupled with planned underwater marine energy arrays off the north coast. 


Cloud Computing Facilities. Research. Access to Skills.

The Computer Science Research Institute (CSRI), which is part of Ulster University, is carrying out intensive levels of research in emerging key technologies in computing and engineering. The University’s research leadership in biotech, clinical care, and Cloud Computing competence, provides a talent base for medical systems companies delivering on their ‘connected for health’ product strategies.



  • 200,000sq ft of planned and existing industrial and office space
  • Over 100,000 potential workers within a forty minute travel time
  • High availability of superfast broadband, public wifi, 3G and 4G connectivity
  • Competitive Grade A office costs and large scale development opportunities across the borough
  • House prices around fifty percent less expensive than the UK average - £140,000 in comparison to £273,000
  • Lower than average levels of crime
  • Around thirty schools, two further and higher education colleges with outreach facilities, and the University of Ulster in Coleraine

To get in touch with our Strategic Projects Manager, please email Niall.McGurk@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk