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Innovate NI is a Department for the Economy initiative, delivered by Invest Northern Ireland in partnership with local councils and further education colleges which supports businesses to innovate successfully.

As a key partner in the Programme, Council is encouraging local businesses to follow a structured process called the Innovation Framework to create value. This Framework will ensure you focus on generating ideas, objectively selecting the right idea, testing and developing it thoroughly and commercialising or implementing it to create value in your business. 

Examples of innovation include:

  • Changes to the way you deliver a service
  • Changes to your business model 
  • Improving your day-to-day procedures
  • Introducing new production methods

If your business has completed any of the steps outlined above, you could also achieve Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Innovator status. Any company recognised under the Programme will receive a certificate from the Department for the Economy and promotional materials to help market themselves as an innovative enterprise.

Innovative businesses:

  • Are more profitable because they manage operations more efficiently and effectively
  • Win customers who will pay a premium for goods & services that meet changing needs
  • Survive market shocks because they are better equipped to adapt their business models

The Innovation Accreditation Programme is open to all Northern Ireland businesses, sole traders, charities and organisations and individuals.

What Innovation Level Are You?