Higher Level Apprenticeship in Accountancy: Employer Guide 2020

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Employers: How will your company benefit? 

The Higher Level Apprenticeship is tailor-made for organisations that need well-skilled, committed and loyal accounting and finance staff with the capacity to develop their career to a senior level.  Employers can recruit from a high calibre of talent including school-leavers, graduates and mature learners that are progressed to them. There is also an option for existing employees looking to change to a career in Accounting that employers would like to upskill to apply. Furthermore if an employer has someone specifically in mind to complete the programme they can apply as well. Candidates will bring significant value to your organisation as they progress through the programme from beginner to fully qualified Accounting Technician.

Other benefits of the Accounting Technician Apprenticeship:

■ Increased employee retention resulting in a productive and positive workplace

■ College learning is applied to specifi c job requirements of the role

■ Learning from the bottom up, employees develop an excellent understanding of the business and can bring this into future management roles

■ The programme prepares apprentices to meet the challenge of future developments in their occupation and workplace by providing them with relevant skills, knowledge and competencies


Download the Employer Guide 2020 below or visit http://www.hla-accountancy.co.uk/employers/ or contact Anne McCallum Anne.McCallum@nrc.ac.uk

Higher Level Apprenticeship in Accountancy - Employers Guide 2020