Digital Infrastructure Strategy: Join Our Focus Groups

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Developing Our Digital Infrastructure Strategy

We would love for our local tech people/business leaders to have their thoughts and hopes for this strategy expressed directly to the people writing the strategy. The consulting company who are writing the strategy, GreySky, are planning a number of focus groups to help understand the needs and desires of the Causeway Coast and Glens business and tech community. 
If you are interested in how this will impact the local digital infrastructure or are keen to input into the process, we would like to invite you to join the discussion. The plan is to host an online discussion on two occasions, for slightly different audiences.  
Below are some high level areas of interest that will help guide the discussion:

  • The suitability of the telecoms infrastructure to meet needs (is their broadband good enough, is mobile coverage good enough)
  • What is the status of digital companies in the borough (we think that digital businesses are rare)
  • How well adopted are digital technologies outside the digital sector
  • Is the supply of skilled talent sufficient for the needs of businesses generally
  • What initiatives could be undertaken by the council to improve matters

This not a definitive list and discussion may progress into other areas of interest.


Focus Group 1 -  Technical Discussion around Digital Infrastructure:  Thursday 20th 7pm, online


Aimed at the more technically minded within local businesses, who are not necessarily business leads.  This is intended to induce more technical discussions, around the practicalities of digital infrastructure limitations and possibilities. 

 Focus Group 2 - Non-Technical Discussion around Digital Infrastructure:  ​Thursday 27th 11am, online 

Aimed at the business leads, who are not necessarily technically minded.  This is intended to induce a less technical discussion around the business opportunities and pain points associated with digital infrastructure. 
People are very welcome to attend both meetings if they are both business leads and technically minded. Simply register for BOTH the technical and non-technical focus groups separately.