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As part of its ongoing programme, Council will be providing a range of supports to local business. In this first year of Council's existence, we are undertaking a series of small scale initiatives which will form part of our longer term vision for the area.  More detail will be update here as the programmes and research is open or completed.  A short summary list follows:

  • Exploring Enterprise 3 - pre-enterprise support for those who wish to explore developing their own business
  • The Regional Start Initiative - please refer here
  • Alchemy - one to one business support - please refer here
  • Development of a Chambers of Commerce support programme
  • Social Enterprise Development
  • Support for the Causeway Food Network
  • Journey to Market II - aimed at developing small food companies in the run-up to Year of Food 2016
  • Continuation and expansion of the Causeway Speciality Market
  • Meet the Buyer events
  • Sponsorship of the Causeway Business Awards, Lead2Gro conference and other events

For more information, call the Prosperity and Place unit on 028 7034 7045