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Create a Prodigy with Training for Success

  • Are you looking to improve your productivity, competitiveness and profitability?
  • Are you interested in developing the skills of your workforce?
  • Are you looking for a committed and motivated staff?

Training for Success has the answers you're looking for.

Employing a young trainee can help your business

Designed for young people aged 16-24, Training for Success gives them the skills necessary tp progress in the workplace. It replaces Jobskills and is based on workplace-based 'apprenticeships' offering a range of professional and technical training opportunities. The young people train as they work, gaining industry led qualifications in the skills business seeks today.

By employing a young person through Training for Success, or by helping your current staff to participate, your business can enjoy many benefits. Not least, a more talented, enthusiastic and loyal workforce.


Your staff benefit, you benefit! All training costs covered!

Flexible, and tailored around individual needs, Training for Success has been designed to meet the needs of Employers and Young people alike. With an emphasis on Employment, Quality, Flexibility and Progression, it aims to empower young people to find jobs, access training and ultimately achieve success in their chosen career. At the same time it's a superb opportunity to give your team the skills your business needs to succeed in the future.

Approved training organisations will work alongside you, to ensure high quality training to the latest industry standards. What's more, Training for Success covers the cost of all training.


Where you come in

Workplace experience is a vital part of Training for Success and employers can help young people shape a better future by:

  • Providing jobs for young people who are keen to train through our Apprenticeship Strand
  • Offering Work Experience or Job Tasters to help young people to choose their career and training paths

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Further Queries?

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