Co-Innovate Innovation Workshops

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Co-Innovate Innovation Workshops

As part of the Co-Innovate programme, companies will have the chance to learn about the benefits of innovation, identify opportunities for growth and create a vision to make it happen through attendance at one of Co-Innovate's FREE tailored workshops, details below. The workshops will demystify innovation and help you understand how it can drive your business forward.

Workshops are held for half a day and are spread across the regions Co-Innovate functions in. There will also be some sector specific workshops for companies in the renewables, agri-food, and life and health sciences sectors.


What are the benefits?

  • Understand innovation, its importance, and approaches for implementing it successfully within your business.
  • Learn about the main sectoral research opportunities, clarification of what these are and why they are important
  • Engaging in group discussion on individual opportunities
  • Confidentially develop project ideas for how your business may take advantage of these opportunities
  • Identify potential project partners via the Co-Innovate team's networks of businesses
  • Learn more about how advanced stages of Co-Innovate support could help your business

To find out the current workshop dates in the Causeway Coast and Glens area, please click HERE