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There are a number of business support programmes, that you and your business may be able to apply for.

Please see further below for details of some of the most popular programmes currently.  


Over 160 Programmes Available

There are over 160 programmes available, depending on your industrial sector, geography, export potential and employment potential. 

Please search HERE to find further details of all these programmes that are held on NIBusinesInfo's dedicated database.  The business support finder is a searchable database that can help you find publicly-funded and not-for-profit sources of assistance you may be eligible to apply for.  Support may be available in a number of forms, including financial assistance and free or subsidised advice services.



There may also be specific initiatives in the following areas:  

  •  Starting a business
  •  Employment
  •  Training and skills
  •  Exporting
  •  Sales and marketing
  •  Growing your business
  •  Product development, R&D
  •  Reducing costs


Need Some Help?

If you are having difficulty finding what a programme that you feel would be suitable for you, please get in touch.  We can help you by doing a number of searches for you, and if necessary, we can direct you to our bespoke business support programme, to get you the help you need, in the absence of an existing one.  Contact our team on