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Car parking arrangements

There will be some changes to car parking arrangements in Portrush starting from June 2019.

The table below shows when these changes come into effect for specific car parks.

During these times the car parks will be unavailable for general use.

Car park locationDates
Dunluce Avenue Car ParkSunday 14th – Monday 22nd July 2019 (inclusive)
Dunluce Centre Car ParkSaturday 13th – Tuesday 23rd July 2019 (inclusive)
West Strand Car ParkSunday 14th – Monday 22nd July 2019 (inclusive)
East Strand Zone 1 (30% of site)Monday 10th June – Friday 4th August 2019 (inclusive, amended from 9th August 2019)
East Strand Zone 2 (whole site)Monday 1st July – Wednesday 31st July 2019 (inclusive)
Sandhill Drive Car ParkSunday 14th - Monday 22nd July 2019 (inclusive)
Whiterocks Car ParkSunday 14th July - Monday 22nd July 2019 (inclusive)

The following car parks and areas will be available for public use throughout the event:

Lansdowne Car Park
Lansdowne Green
Portrush Recreation Grounds will be used as a dedicated car park for business owners and their staff and passes will be issued at the end of June.


Other Event Parking

Within 1km of the course provision has been made for:

•Translink Coach Parking – Sandhill Drive Car Park.
•Private Coach Parking – Dunluce Avenue Car Park.
•Minibus Parking – West Bay.
•Taxi Drop Off and Collection – Metropole Site (other sites will be identified).