What can your Visitor Information Centre do for you?

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The Visitor Servicing Team not only welcome visitors to our area in person but also help them plan their holiday in advance of arrival and their personal knowledge and warm welcome enhance the visitor experience and encourage the tourist to visit places not originally on their itinerary. Staff work in harmony with the tourism trade and the VIC network provides a platform to both promote and sell accommodation, craft, local tours and experiences. 

Work in partnership with your local Visitor Information Centre

  • Share your accommodation availability
  • Rack your brochure (subject to space)
  • Sell your tickets for tours, experiences
  • Display your craft / artisan food
  • Promote your event. Contact staff to find out more about promotional opportunities and local event listings.

Please note that a commission fee applies for any sales made. To find out more email visitor.information@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk

Photo credit © Northern Ireland Tourist Board