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Membership Questions & Answers

The below will cover some of the most common questions with regards to your membership ready for welcoming you back to our facilities.


When will my Direct Debit start being collected again?

Direct Debit and paid in full memberships have re-started in May 2021


I cancelled my direct debit, can it be re-instated?

We understand that some customers have cancelled their direct debits during our closure so please do not worry.  Just send us an email to
(click on the email for a direct link) advising us that you wish to remain a member, and one of our staff will get in touch with you to re-instate your direct debit as soon as possible.


I paid upfront for my yearly membership, will it be extended?

Absolutely, all upfront memberships have been extended for the period of closure. If your membership expired in the months we were closed these will also be extended.  Please feel free to contact us to confirm your new expiry date.


I’m worried about returning, can my membership stay frozen?

We understand that some of our members may wish to remain frozen for a little while longer and we are more than happy to accommodate this under the current situation. Please contact us at


I sent in a request to cancel my membership but haven’t had a response?

We are sorry for the delay.  We are now in a better situation to be able to help with your concerns. Can you please email us again with this request? 


When will a Membership Advisor/Receptionist be available to speak to regarding my membership?

Email us on -

Call your local centre on:-

Coleraine Leisure Centre - 02870347202

Joey Dunlop Centre - 02827660260

Roe Valley Leisure Centre - 02877764009

Dungiven Sports Centre - 0287774294

Jim Watt Sports Centre - 02829558686

Sheskburn Recreation Centre - 02820763300