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Roe Valley Fitness Suite          


NEW We are delighted to introduce our new, improved Roe Valley Leisure Centre Strength and Conditioning Suite. The area has new age fitness equipment including, Gauntlet Stair Master Machines, Ski ERGs, Functional Rigs, Bumper Plates, Olympic Bars, Prowler Lanes and Assault Running machines.

To enhance our Strength and Conditioning offer we have Prowlers, Sleighs, Farmer’s walk, Strongman Logs and GHD machines, all of which will develop your functional training experience to the Max!
The aesthetics have also been upgraded with new flooring, a vibrant new colour scheme and excellent visual aids including a massive 4 metre screen accompanied with 3 smart TVs systems.

Still to come later this month is more state of Art equipment, the newly released Jacobs Ladder machine and a selection of Assault Bikes which will further enhance our Cardio offering… 

RVLC are using their existing Gym as a Cardiovascular (CV) area.
The CV Room incorporates a selection of CV equipment including Running machines, Rowers, Static bikes and  Cross trainers for Cardio, Endurance Training and Fat Burning workouts. 
If you want a good quality cardio and calorie burning session, then this is the area for you. 

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday           
Open  06:30 - 20:30

Open  08:15 - 15:30

Open  10:00 - 15:30

Last bookable session is 1hr before closure.


You can book online or call 02877764009