Lane Swimming Code of Conduct

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Lane Swimming Code of Conduct


  • Please do not attend the facility if you or a family member are unwell.

  • Ensure you have a pre-booked session to gain entry.

  • Please download the App and use the access barcode to reduce contact.

  • If you intend to swim for less than 1hr we request, you attend 5/10 min after the hour entry time to help reduce queue times.

  • Please do NOT congregate with other customers pre/post swim or turn up too early for your session.

  • Please sanitise/ wash hands pre and post swim.

  • Please come ‘beach ready’ i.e. wearing your costume or swim shorts under your clothes. Limited changing rooms available at your facility in our opening phase.

  • Please bring a bag to store your clothing and belongings which will remain on poolside as lockers will not be available.

  • When you see a green card at the poolside, it is safe to leave your belongings here.  Red cards mean the area has been used and needs cleaned. 

  • Do not bring any valuables into the centre.

  • Please bring a towel to dry off and be prepared to go home in your swim wear and clothes over the top if changing rooms are not available.

  • Bring a filled water bottle with you. 

  • Bottles can be left at the end of a lane for rehydration if needed.


During your swim

  • All members must ensure that you have read and understood the pool operation during this time.

  • All members and visitors must always maintain social distance rules and follow all instructional signage and requests from poolside staff.

  • You must swim in the same direction.

  • Please do not overtake the person in front of you and remain a good distance behind them.

  • Please choose the lane that suits your ability or preference.

  • If you need to stop at the end of a lane, please keep near a lane rope so you can avoid swimmers turning at the end of the lane.

  • Please do not have more than two people at the end of each lane who are resting and keep at least a 1 metre apart.

  • Please ensure you bring your own float as these will not be available for you at the centre.

  • Please keep front crawl leg kick under the surface to avoid splashing the person behind you – you may go faster too!

  • Keep an eye of the time and exit the pool with 5 mins to go to the end of your hour session. This will give you time to dry off and move away from the entrance before the next session begins.

  • The centre may blow a whistle to let you know you have reached the 5 min marker.

  • Please leave the pool promptly by the designated steps at the end of your session.


Post Swim

  • Showers will not be available in any area of the building so please plan to shower when you get home.

  • If there are no changing rooms available, then please dry off on the deck and if you have a modesty towel then please use this to towel off and re dress.

  • When you finish, please turn the green card around to let the staff know to clean this area before the next customer arrives.

  • As you leave the facility please Wash/sanitise your hands as you go.

  • Please follow the exit route that has been marked for you to enable a social distance between customers.