Coleraine Family Swim Code of Conduct

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Family Swim Code of Conduct


  • All Family come ‘pool ready’ i.e. wearing costume or swim shorts under clothes.

  • Family swimming sessions will consist of 3 family groups per hour.

  • A family ticket price is based on 1 adult and 2 children. 

  • Normal Age restrictions apply: 1 adult is allowed 2 children under 5, 1 adult is allowed 3 children 4-7 years. If any children are under 4 the ratio is 1 adult to 2 children

  • Due to Covid -19 restrictions Juvenile’s aged under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.



  • Please do not attend the facility if you or a family member are unwell.

  • Ensure you have a pre-booked session to gain entry.

  • If you intend to swim for less than 1hr we request, you attend 5/10 min after the hour entry time to help reduce queue times.

  • Please do NOT congregate with other customers pre/post swim or turn up too early for your session.

  • Please sanitise/ wash hands pre and post swim.

  • Family check in at reception and are advised to enter poolside through Pool Entrance doors.

  • Family store clothing and belongings on poolside while they swim, as lockers will not be available. Larger spaces available on poolside for families.

During your swim

  • Families will have access to Minor Pool and Main Pool and are responsible for ensuring all Family members adhere to Social Distancing guidelines whilst in all areas of the Facility


Post Swim

  • After completion of swim, family collect their belongings from poolside and use the provided Sanitisation Bottles to sanitise their poolside area.

  • Family take the Sanitisation bottles and belongings into Changing Room

  • Family select a Family Cubicle or 2 marked out Quick Change zones, whilst adhering to Social Distancing.

  • Family change out of wet costumes and dry off as quickly as possible.

  • Once changed, family collect all belongings and use the provided Sanitisation Bottle to sanitise the Cubicle or Quick Change Zones.

  • Family leave their Sanitisation bottle in the receptacle provided upon exiting the Changing Rooms.

  • Regular cleansing of Changing areas by staff will also take place as part of new High Frequency cleaning checks.


To Pre-Book contact Coleraine Leisure Centre reception on 02870347202