Class Booking Terms & Conditions

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Class Booking Terms & Conditions

Book classes 7 days ahead and you can cancel up to 2 hours before the class starts.

If you can’t make the class – please cancel to allow others to book a space.

Booking strike's are not active at this time and we will notify you when they are turned on. 

Always check in at reception before the class starts and maintain the social distance rule at reception 

If you arrive too late – you may not be able to participate in the class for health and safety reasons. 

When classes are full, you are placed on a waiting list of up to 5 people.

When a space becomes available the system will contact ALL on waiting list via email – therefore please check your emails if you have been placed on a waiting list. THESE EMAILS MAY GO TO YOUR JUNK FOLDER SO PLEASE CHECK

If you are contacted off the waiting list, you must log into the app and book that space that has become available. 

The first person back, will be added to the class.  If you have been contacted and there is no space to book, this means you have missed the space this time. 

If you have been contacted and don’t intend to take the space then please cancel the class to allow someone else to be contacted. 

Other members won’t be contacted until you remove yourself from the class waiting list. 

Thank you