Class Booking Strike Information

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On the 8th November 2021 our class booking strikes will return.

What is a strike?

  • If you book a class and do not swipe, or attend, or cancel your booking you will receive 1 strike.
  • To avoid a strike it is essential to check in at reception.

NO Swipe = 1 STRIKE

3 Strikes =  a BAN

How does this work?

  • If you receive 3 strikes in a 30 day rolling period you will receive a ban.
  • The ban will prevent you from booking a class online for 30 days.
  • Class bookings can still be made at the main reception desk on day of class.
  • The ban will last 30 days and will automatically be removed from your account, when it expires the strikes will be set to zero.
  • If you have a ban on your account you will see a message on your screen when you try to book.

For further information, please contact reception.