Horse Riding on Council's Beaches

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Horse riding on Council's beaches

Horse riding is permitted on Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council's beaches in accordance with Council's 'Management Policy for Horses on Beaches'.

The policy applies to Council's beaches between 1 May and 30 September.  The main policy restriction is that the riding of horses on Council's beaches is prohibited between the hours of 11am and 7pm.

Council will expect that all those bringing horses onto any of its beaches:

  • are covered by public liability and 3rd party insurance
  • are competent in relation to the activity involved
  • behave in a way which is respectful and cognisant of other beach users

Examples of good behaviour will include:

  • Never galloping past other beach users
  • keeping younger/less experienced riders and horses under close supervision
  • Avoid parking horse boxes at beach entrance points
  • Never riding on the sand dunes or protected areas
  • Avoid exercising in a designated bathing area

Any breaches of policy will be referred to Council's Enforcement section for action.  Council reserves the right to instigate legal proceedings in relation to material or consistent breaches of this policy.


During the past year Council has received a number of complaints concerning irresponsible horse riding at Whiterocks and East Strand, more particularly the practice of race horses being galloped in a potentially dangerous manner along the beach, including when the beach has been busy and during high tide conditions.  Council urges all horse riders to take their responsibilities seriously while riding on Council's beaches.  Please see leaflet below for further details.

Council is also aware of the potential for conflict between horses and dogs on beaches,  Council has produced guidelines to inform and assist dog owners and horse owners using Council's beaches. Please see leaflet below for further details.

Responsible Horse Riding on Council's Beaches leaflet

Keeping dogs and horses safe around each other on Council's beaches

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