Balnamore Mail Bag

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What is it?

This leather satchel was used to deliver the mail to Balnamore Mill.

How old is it?

It was used during the 1920s.

Who used it?

The mailbag was used by the postman, William Orr, who was blind. Despite his disability, he had no trouble finding his way from Ballymoney to the mill, and back again. Mrs. Mollie Holmes OBE, JP recalls seeing Orr when she was a young girl.

‘I used to watch him pass by while I was visiting my grandmother at Coldagh. He always walked with confidence, he didn’t need a stick, because he knew his route so well. When I saw his mail bag on display many years later at the museum, it brought back happy childhood memories’.

The mail bag is one of the few surviving objects that represent the history of Balnamore Mill.

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