Traditional Chinese exhibition arrives at Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre

Traditional Chinese exhibition arrives at Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre

Tue, July 23, 2019

An exhibition of contemporary Chinese paintings has opened in Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre in Limavady.

Entitled ‘A Brush with Nature’, it features a collection of watercolours by artist Rong-Gen Yin.

Originally from Shanghai, Rong-Gen Yin began painting in the traditional Chinese manner in the 1970’s. He moved to Northern Ireland in 2003 where he and has continued to paint and teach traditional Chinese painting techniques. Rong-Gen’s work embraces the two main techniques of Chinese painting – Gongbi, where intricate brushstrokes form detailed coloured landscapes, which can include narrative themes and Xieyi, which is much looser using bold brushstrokes and watercolour wash.

Commenting on his exhibition, Rong-Gen Yin said: "I am delighted the 'A Brush with Nature' touring exhibition is going to the Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre for the summer months.  I hope my new collection showcases the exquisite nature of traditional Chinese painting and will create an interest and better understanding of this art form."

Traditional Chinese painting uses many of the same techniques as calligraphy, where gesture and control of the brush form part of the artistic method. Since earliest times nature, in particular the landscape and the creatures that inhabit it, has been the main source of inspiration for Chinese artists.

As part of the launch, guests were treated to a traditional Tai Chi Dance and had the opportunity to watch Rong-Gen Yin demonstrate these traditional Chinese painting techniques.

The exhibition continues at the Roe Valley Arts & Cultural Centre until Saturday 28th September. Traditional Chinese painting workshops will be held on Monday 12th August at 11am-1pm and 2pm-4pm. Admission is free but booking is essential.

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