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Statement in response to social media post from Causeway Coast Dog Rescue

Statement in response to social media post from Causeway Coast Dog Rescue

Fri, June 02, 2017

A request was received by Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council from the owner of three Akita dogs on Friday 26th May to collect them as they were unwanted. However when the Council officer arrived, the owner advised that they would not be able to pay the fees for the collection of the dogs (£70 per dog as per Council policy). Advice was given to rehome the dogs themselves or to seek the help of a charity. 

On Tuesday evening 30th May Council received a call from Causeway Coast Dog Rescue (CCDR) advising that they visited the dogs at their home.  A further call was received on Wednesday 31st May from CCDR advising that they considered that the dogs’ behaviour would make re-homing difficult,  and requesting that Council waive the fee for the collection of the dogs, which was agreed.   The owner had offered the dogs to the Charity but this offer was not taken up.

Arrangements were made with the owner of the dogs to meet Council officers to surrender the dogs.  A signed consent form was received from the owner and the enforcement officer has confirmed that it was drawn to the attention of the owner that the dogs may be humanely destroyed.  On the basis of information available  a decision was reluctantly taken to have the dogs humanely destroyed.

The Council is the first in Northern Ireland to adopt a re-homing policy (28th February 2017) and remains one of the lowest in Northern Ireland in terms of the number of dogs humanely destroyed per annum. The power to collect unwanted dogs is contained within Article 48 of The Dogs (Northern Ireland) Order 1983.