Play Investment Strategy consultation

Play Investment Strategy consultation

Thu, September 13, 2018

Council recently commissioned a condition audit of play facilities across the Borough and the development of a Play Investment Strategy. 

That work included consultation on a number of issues:

The importance of play
The types of play activities children and young people engage in
Barriers to children and young people playing
Views on the current standard of fixed play provision across the Borough and indications of fixed play need
Views on how Council could enhance children’s play experience.

The result of all this work has been the production of the “Draft Play Investment Strategy”.

Further details on the work and draft document is available via the following link;


Why we are consulting:

This consultation exercise will be open to all interested parties across the Borough or any bodies with a legitimate interest such as national associations. In particular Council is interested in securing the opinion of organisations and individuals regarding the nine identities protected under Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 in relation to its likely impact on matters of Equality and Good Relations.

In addition, Council wants to thank all those individuals and organisations from across the Borough who took the time to contribute to this important Draft Strategy. We now want to seek your opinion on the proposals it includes.

Date opened:  11 September 2018

Date closes:  4th December 2018