Participants required for town centre performance programme

Participants required for town centre performance programme

Fri, April 13, 2018

Coleraine Town Team is seeking more participants to help measure the performance of the town centre.  

The Perform system, operated by Springboard, is a sales and footfall data programme that allows retailers and town centres to interrogate and understand trends and performance. 

It is already operational in Coleraine with nine businesses taking part so far.

Participating traders receive a personal report on footfall in the town and sales trends which will assist in planning your business actions. By taking part not only do you see on a weekly basis how the town is performing but also how your business is performing against the trends both regionally and nationally.

Springboard acts as a third party and collects sales information weekly either by email or telephone.   Springboard will not require you to provide actual monetary sales data - only % change in weekly sales and year on year % change.  At no time is the council or Coleraine Town Team privy to your individual data, they will receive an overall town centre trading report from participating retailers.

What are the benefits for the town?

This date collection removes the reliance on anecdotal evidence about retailers’ trading performance.

It provides an understanding of the relationship between footfall and sales and how this impacts trading performance.

It enables the town team to have conversations with traders based on accurate and objective data.

It helps to accurately measure how actions taken to improve the town centre contribute to economic performance. Using other sales benchmarking data and sales curves the system can learn trading patterns and forward forecast

It allows for increased understanding about the relationship between footfall and sales in the town centre

What are the benefits for participants?

As a participating business, you will receive a free weekly sales report from Springboard which enables you to compare your sales performance with the average for the town centre and also with the UK. The report includes footfall, so that you can understand whether sales trends in your store are in line with footfall within the region and the rest of the UK.

It is important that information is gathered from a variety of businesses within Coleraine town centre so if you are you a retailer, hospitality provider or service in the area and would like to participate please get in touch by contacting Springboard:  or ringing 0330 380 1468.

For further information please contact Julienne Elliott, Town & Village Manager, Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council, 028 7034 7034.