Community response showcase: Roe Valley Community Response

Community response showcase: Roe Valley Community Response

Fri, April 24, 2020

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council would like to share some of the exceptional work being carried out the in community and voluntary sector across every locality.

Roe Valley Community Response is a strategic volunteer led collective of local community organisations, co-ordinated by Limavady Volunteer Centre.

To date they have established a network of 322 active volunteers, with co-ordination from 32 Community Leaders covering  16 hamlets  in the Limavady legacy area, both rural and urban, from Greysteel to Drumsurn, and Magilligan to Benedy.

Key Weekly Statistics

Each week since the Roe Valley Community Response started, volunteers have:

Delivered 321 food/care packages
Carried out 234 shopping trips for the vulnerable and isolated
Provided 138 utility top ups in the community
Said ‘Good Morning’ more than 600 times every single week through check in calls
Picked up 183 prescriptions
Cooked 394 hot meals for the vulnerable, elderly or isolated
Became a Paperboy and delivered 173 newspapers
Provided 579 Recreation packs for older people, children and young people and adults with learning difficulties
The volunteers and communities have also danced on Tik Tok, Laughed at Yoga, and Exercise in Virtual, together apart.

These numbers continue to increase on a daily basis.

Joanne Kinnear, manager of Limavady Community Development Initiative said: ‘The work of Limavady Volunteer Centre and all the Community Organisations, Churches, and Sports Club involved in the Roe Valley Response is nothing short of exceptional.”

Some of the best practice being carried out is that all volunteers have appropriate Access NI checks, are provided with developmental support, have a Photo ID, and are provided with appropriate PPE.  The groups are also mindful of volunteers ‘burning out’ and they are rotated to do different roles with simple things like dog walking or a garden conversation so important at the minute. Ashleen Scheening, Manager of Limavady Volunteer Centre noted: “Our volunteers are so willing and positive in giving their time that we are not seeing any burnout at present just an amazing community spirit.”

The co-ordination of the effort across the Roe Valley has highlighted that the same response is not needed in every area, and as Joanne states ‘community knows community’ and local responses are crucial. 

They both believe that the success of their project has been about partnership working with the local groups on the ground, the amazing volunteer infrastructure funded by the Small Grants programme, partnerships with key statutory agencies, including Council, PSNI, NIHE and others – as well having a ‘strategic vision from the start that had enough flexibility built to accommodate local initiatives.’

We aim to share case studies like this on a regular basis so please check back for updates and more 'good news stories' from across the Borough.