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Are you an employer who is actively recruiting?

If you are looking to recruit new staff, you can sign up to the JobApplyNI website to post your vacancies online.

The website is provided by the Department for Communities and replaces the former EmployersOnlineNI and JobCentreOnline portals.

JobApplyNI offers a quick, easy and convenient way for employers to register. The process is automatic if you have a company house number.

Once registered, the service allows you to post your vacancies for free, including any relevant details such as job specifications, qualifications required, wage or any other requirements specific to the role you're looking to fill. You can access and manage your vacancies and your employer account online 24/7.

Jobseekers can apply for vacancies through the JobApplyNI platform by uploading and sending their CV or completed application form directly to your employer account, which streamlines the recruitment process.

By using the JobApplyNI service, you can access a wide pool of talent and skills to achieve your recruitment goals. This also applies if you wish to support Ukrainian refugees into job opportunities.

Click here to create a free account to advertise your vacancies online with JobApplyNI