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The Planning Committee

The Committee is comprised of the sixteen Elected Members and they were appointed to the Committee at the Annual General Meeting of Council on 26th March 2015.


Members may be required to represent the Committee and Council at pertinent consultation and capacity building events.  The membership list for the Committee is provided at Annex A.


The Committee will be chaired  for 2016/17 by Councillor Loftus (SDLP).


In the absence of the Chairperson, the Committee will be chaired by the Deputy Chairperson, Cllr Fitzpatrick (APNI).


In the absence of the Deputy Chairperson, a chair for the meeting will be agreed by the Members present.


The following 16 members form the Planning Committee:

Councillor Loftus (Chair)

Councillor Fitzpatrick (Vice-Chair)

Councillor Baird

Alderman Cole

Councillor Fielding

Alderman Finlay

Alderman King

Councillor McCandless

Councillor McCaul

Alderman McKeown

Councillor MA McKillop

Alderman S McKillop

Councillor McLaughlin

Councillor P McShane

Councillor Nicholl

Alderman Robinson

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