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Energy efficiency advice including home visits are a free service aimed at reducing fuel poverty

The Energy Efficiency Advisers provide information and advice to householders in order to help improve the energy efficiency and thermal comfort of their homes.   In particular they provide support to more vulnerable clients who may be at risk of fuel poverty or struggle to keep their homes warm.  These clients include older people, families with young children or those with mental or physical health issues which may worsen due to cold living conditions. The Energy Advisers can provide information on grants that may be available to help with home heating and insulation and can also carry out tailored home visits for clients who wish to use this service.

In addition to providing advice a key part of the Energy Efficiency Advisers role is to raise awareness and promote uptake of the service by delivering talks and attending a wide range of events. They also promote the oil stamp scheme which provides clients within the borough with the facility to budget towards the cost of purchasing home heating oil. The stamps, which are available from a wide range of retail outlets, are priced at £5.00 and can be used towards part or full payment when oil is being purchased.  The advisers also promote the development and use of oil buying clubs where groups of people can save money by purchasing oil in bulk, either through an established oil club or informally by ordering with a group of neighbours or friends based within the same area.  Support, information and advice can be provided to help set up an oil club where a group of people wish to establish one.

Main Contacts:

Patrick McGettigan:    Mobile: 07759536625


Rachael Wauchope:   Mobile: 07841970330


A limited number of ‘keep warm’ packs are available subject to funding to help protect you from the cold in the winter months

For advice on looking after yourself over the winter months see our Winter Wise booklet.

Top tips to save energy in your home


  • Buy oil stamps throughout the year

  • Set your heating to switch off 30 minutes before you leave your house

  • Try not to overheat the room. Recommended temperatures are 21°C in the main living room and 18°C in other rooms. A 1°C decrease in room temperature can reduce your fuel bills by up to 10%.

  • Make sure radiators are not obstructed by curtains or furniture

  • Close your curtains at dusk, to retain the heat generated inside your room

Hot Water

  • Turn off lights when you leave the room and invest in low energy/LED bulbs

  • When using your kettle only boil as much water as you need

  • Your cylinder thermostat should be set at 60°C

  • A standard shower uses 60% less water than a bath

  • If you live in a hard water area, lime scale can affect the efficiency of your kettle (treat with vinegar or descaling solutions)

Electrical Appliances

  • Use low energy light bulbs (as well as being cheaper to run, they last 10 times longer)

  • Turn off household appliances. Do not leave on standby as this still using electricity! e.g. TVs, DVD players, laptop and mobile phone chargers

  • When using the washing machine, use low temperature settings and only when you have a full load

  • When possible, dry clothes outside and NOT in the tumble dryer

  • If drying clothes indoors, use a clothes horse/rail NOT radiators; and make sure the room is well ventilated

  • Modern dishwashers use less energy and water than washing up by hand

  • When buying a new appliance, choose the most energy efficient. (A is the best G is the worst).


  • Use a pot/pan that is the size of the cooker ring

  • Use lids on saucepans where possible, contents heat up faster

  • Consider using slow cookers, pressure cookers or steamers, as they use less energy


  • Make sure the fridge/freezer door is firmly shut and avoid putting warm food straight into the fridge/freezer

  • Defrost the freezer frequently; and try to avoid putting your fridge/freezer near heat generating appliances, such as, the oven or boiler

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