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Environmental Health Officers can provide information and guidance on how your business can comply with health and safety requirements.  This includes writing a health and safety policy and completing risk assessments.

Health and Safety Policy

Every business should have procedures in place to make sure accidents are prevented and if you employ five or more members of staff, you must, by law, write down your procedures in the form of a safety policy.

This shows that you are committed to the wellbeing of your staff and outlines how your business will respond to the main hazards facing it.

A safety policy should include a general health and safety statement (signed and dated by the business owner or director), information about your organisation’s structure and responsibilities and details of your health and safety arrangements.

Our officers can provide you with a sample safety policy or give you more advice on how to write a policy for your business.

Risk Assessments

All employers must assess the risks to the health and safety of their staff or other workplace users or visitors and if you employ five or more members of staff, you must, by law, write down the findings of this risk assessment. Officers can provide advice on completing risk assessments. Guidance and examples completed risk assessments are also available from the Health and Safety Executive website.

Advice for Small Businesses

The Safety Guide Guide provides step by step advice on how to manage health and safety and includes information on risk assessments and developing a safety policy. It should be read in conjunction with the information sheets below which give specific advice for the following types of business. To assist you in carrying out a risk assessment you can download a blank form. Information sheets are also available

Information Sheets

Business Types






Health and safety information leaflets in a range of other languages are available on the HSE website and can be accessed by clicking on the following link


If your query relates to a business sector which HSENI deals with you can contact the HSENI at:

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