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Reporting Accidents, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences

The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1997  places a legal duty on employers, self-employed people and people in control of premises to report certain types of work related accidents, diseases and dangerous occurrences to their relevant enforcing authority i.e. HSENI or local Council.The following must be reported:

  • Work related death or injury
  • Member of the public killed or taken to hospital from the work premises
  • Injuries to an employee or self-employed person resulting in being unable to do normal work for more than 3 days
  • Dangerous occurrence which do not result in a reportable injury but clearly could have
  • Notification from a doctor that an employee suffers from a specified work related disease

Click to download a free RIDDOR guidance leaflet produced by the HSE explaining these regulations or download from the HSENI website.

Download the list of reportable injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences.

Fatal and major accidents must be reported immediately (eg. by telephone), and a completed accident report form (NI2508) should be sent to the relevant enforcing authority within ten days for all reportable accidents.

Reportable dangerous occurrences must be reported immediately (e.g. by telephone) and also followed with a completed NI2508.

Download an accident/dangerous occurrence report form.

If a doctor notifies you that your employee suffers from a reportable work-related disease then you must send a completed disease report form (NI2508A) to the enforcing authority. Download a work-related disease report form.

On-line Service for Reporting Incidents at Work

Employers will have the option to report all work related incidents to HSENI, no matter who the relevant enforcing authority is for the business.

HSENI, in agreement with district councils, offer this new service, to make it easier for persons to report incidents at work. This is especially relevant where it is difficult for an employer to determine who their relevant enforcing authority is. HSENI will process all forms onto its RIDDOR database and, where applicable, forward on relevant forms to the appropriate district council to register and process in the normal way.

Employers are encouraged to use the online reporting forms available from the HSENI website via the following link:

Hard copy forms are also available to download from the website and on completion, should be forwarded to:-

The Accident Clerk
83 Ladas Drive