Nightwear & Children's Hood Cords

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Children’s nightwear must be treated for fire safety in line with BS7522. Other nightwear must have a label to show whether it meets the fire safety requirements or not.

Children’s nightwear includes:

  • Nightdresses, If the chest measurement is less than 91 cm – or the length less than 122 cm and
  • Dressing gowns and bathrobes (not terry towelling) if the chest measurement is less than 97 cm or the sleeve measurement is less than 69 cm.

Pyjamas and babies’ clothes are not classed as children’s nightwear.


Children’s nightwear does not have to be labelled. However, some clothing will have a label which states it meets BS 5722.

Other nightwear (adults’ nightwear, pyjamas, babies’ nightwear, terry-towelling, bathrobes and so on) should be labelled as follows:

  • Nightwear that does not meet fire-safety requirements - ‘Keep away from fire’
  • Nightwear that does meet the fire-safety requirements - ‘Low flammability to BS 5722’ or:



Nightwear treated with flame-resistant chemicals must also have the following label:

  • ‘Do not wash at more than 50°C. Check suitability of washing agent.’

Children’s Hood Cords

Children’s outer clothing e.g. coats and jumpers measuring 44 centimetres or less across the chest when fastened and laid flat must not have a hood secured by a cord which passes through the fabric. If such clothing does have a hood cord it must be secured so that it cannot be pulled through – usually with a line of stitching.