Business Mentor Support for Community Organisations

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Business Advice and Guidance for Community Organisations


‘Locality’ have outlined the concerns facing the community organisations across the UK and this applies equally to our own local groups throughout the Borough.

‘Community organisations and charities which use trading and enterprise to give them income to support their services – from community cafes to room and space hire – face an immediate risk. Many are having to make staff redundant and reduce all overheads to an absolute minimum to avoid closing altogether. We’ve heard stories of organisations losing a third of their trading revenue over night. For organisations that run buildings, they face the implications of their tenants potentially ceasing trading and being unable to pay rents. Others face loss of income from contracts and paid-for services, such as nurseries.’

Business Mentor Support for Community Organisations with paid employees

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council's Prosperity and Place team are able to provide some guidance to local community organisations who are paying employees, or operating community businesses  and need advice on what support is available, at the current time.  There is a short form to fill in, and a business mentor will contact you in relation to what your responsibilities are, cashflow for your  group, paying your employees or short term loan options.  Here is the link to the form and you can fill it in yourself, or if you prefer, please contact one the Community Development Officers who can help complete it on your behalf.

Please also sign up to the Prosperity and Place business e-zine to keep up to date with any details regarding employment or if you need to speak to one of the team, please contact or or on mobile 07864 691405.

A dedicated COVID-19 business page has with up-to-date advice on a daily basis and can be accessed at the link below.