Food and Garden Waste Recycling

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Householders are reminded to set their bin out the night before and no later than 7.00am on collection day.  Please clean handles of bin before and after collection.

During the lockdown, householders who are running low on kitchen caddy liners should tie a liner to the handle of their brown bin.  One roll of caddy liners will be left with the bin. Alternatively, householders can line their caddy with kitchen roll or scrape food directly into their brown bin.

New Recycle Right leaflet, your easy guide to recycling around the home Download your Recycle Right Leaflet here


If you have any queries or require further information on Council's recycling services,

please e-mail us at or

telephone 028 2766 0248


To purchase a kitchen food caddy for £2, please telephone your local depot, numbers listed below


Householders who wish to receive a brown bin collection calendar please contact the following: 

Ballymoney area       028 2766 0222
Coleraine area          028 7034 3453 or 028 7034 7060
Limavady area          028 7776 0305
Ballycastle (Moyle)   028 2076 2225


What can go in your food and garden waste recycling brown bin:-


Food Waste


Yes please                                           X No thanks

  Meat and fish – raw and cooked including bones                  X  Liquids

√   Tea bags and coffee grounds                                                   X  Oil or liquid fat   

√   Fruit and vegetables – raw and cooked                                   X  Plastic bags and bin liners

√   Dairy products, eg. cheese                                                       X  Any material that is not food waste   

√   Bread, cakes and pastries                                                        X  Packaging of any sort

√   Rice, pasta and beans                                                              X  Animal faeces

√   Uneaten food from your plates                                                 

√   Eggs and egg shells

√   Fully compostable liners


If you run out of caddy bags you can line your caddy using kitchen roll.  Equally, you can scrape any food waste directly into your brown bin.  For now, it is not possible to distribute caddy liner rolls from our Council offices, Household Recycling Centres or works depots, all of which are closed to the public.  Do not line your brown bin with a bin liner.


List of  Household Recycling Centres


List of Depots:-

Ballycastle Depot, 55 Moyarget Road, Ballycastle, BT54 6HL 

Coleraine Depot, Loughanhill Industrial Estate, Gateside Road, Coleraine BT52 2NJ

Ballymoney Depot, Knock Road, Ballymoney, BT53 6LX 

Limavady Depot, 9 Ballyquinn Road, Limavady, BT49 9ET      


Garden Waste


√ Yes please                                        X No thanks

√   Garden waste                                                                          X  Soil and sods   

√   Grass                                                                                       X  Hardcore and rubble

√   Leaves                                                                                     X  General household waste  

√   Cuttings and prunings                                                              X  Plant pots

√   Shrubs and weeds                                                                   X  Animal faeces

 √  Twigs and branches                                                                  Wood or coal ashes   



Useful downloadable information regarding food waste collections in your area:-

Watch the video on how food waste is processed from 

 Video on food waste composting

Video on garden waste composting 

Mixed garden and food recycling information leaflet

Mixed food and garden recycling information leaflet (text only)