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Food and Garden Waste Recycling

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If you have any queries or require further information on Council's recycling services, please e-mail us at


What can go in your food and garden recycling bin:-


Food Waste


Yes please                                         X No thanks

  Meat and fish – raw and cooked including bones                     X  Liquids

√   Tea bags and coffee grounds                                                   X Oil or liquid fat   

  Fruit and vegetables – raw and cooked                                    X  Plastic bags – only use fully compostable liners

   All dairy products, including eggs and cheese                          X  Any material that is not food waste   

  Bread, cakes and pastries                                                        X Packaging of any sort

  Rice, pasta and beans                                                              X Animal faeces

√   Uneaten food from your plates                                         


If you run out of caddy bags you can line your caddy using kitchen roll or collect a roll of new caddy bags from any Council Household Recycling Centre or depot.


Garden Waste


√ Yes please                                        X No thanks

√   Garden waste                                                                          X  Soil and sods   

√   Grass                                                                                       X  Hardcore and rubble

√   Leaves                                                                                     X  General household waste  

√   Cuttings and prunings                                                              X  Plant pots

√   Shrubs and weeds                                                                   X  Animal faeces

 √  Twigs and branches


Householders in the Limavady area who wish to receive a brown bin collection calendar please contact 028 7776 0305 


Useful downloadable information regarding food waste collections in your area:-

Mixed garden and food recycling information leaflet

Mixed food and garden recycling information leaflet (text only)

Food collection information leaflet - Coleraine, Portrush & Portstewart (selected areas of towns)

Food recycling 2018 collection calendar - Coleraine, Portrush & Portstewart (selected areas of towns)

Mixed garden and food recycling 2018 collection calendar - Moyle area