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Food Smart aims to reduce food waste in the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council by helping us all to re-connect with and value our food.  Think - Shop - Eat


Food Smart, run by the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council in partnership with Love Food Hate Waste, is a new campaign aiming to help us all think, shop and eat smarter, saving money and helping the environment too.

The average family with children throws out up to £60 of perfectly good food every month.  Save food - save money.  Food is an expensive part of our weekly budget with families in Northern Ireland spending, on average, £64 every week on food.  This is the highest spend of any region in the UK and not only that, but the food we waste can be worth up to one third of the value of our shopping spend.  So, it makes sense for us all to make the most of the food we buy.

The Food Smart Campaign is full of tips to help us all to focus on and value our food.  It will help us to appreciate the true value and cost of our food and not just the amount we pay at the till.  By becoming involved, we can all get the habit of planning our meals, shopping smarter, controlling our portions better and wasting less food - and money!


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