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The Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council are promoting, through their LiveSmart Campaign, a new initiative called CafeSmart.  Businesses who support sustainable practices or working towards becoming more sustainable within their business will be promoted by Council throughout the borough.  To take part in this initiative, CafeSmart, an Environmental Resource Officer will visit you at your business to carry out a short survey / audit to asertain where your business is in regard to sustainability.  The survey comprises nine different questions:

1. Supply chain / Environmental Policy

2. Waste Management

3. Energy Efficiency

4. Water Conservation  

5. Food Purchasing

6. Fair Trade

7. Single Use Plastics

8. Engaging Employees

9. Engaging Customers


Once the survey is complete your business will be promoted on the Council's website as a sustainable business and your business details will be plotted on an interactive map for the public to access.   We would love to hear from you so please feel free to contact an Environmental Resource Officer to find out more about CafeSmart or arrange a visit with an officer. 


Fill out the CafeSmart survey here to register your interest in your business becoming a CafeSmart member and you will be contacted by the team.


You may contact a member of the Environmental Resource Team via e-mail: or telephone 028 2766 0248