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Assisted Persons Scheme

There are those who may have difficulty in bringing their bins to the appropriate collection point.  This may be due to a temporary or more permanent medical condition.  We offer a back door collection for people who this applies to whereby refuse collectors will take the bin from the back door and return to the same place.  If you feel you can benefit from this service and can get medical support for your application, please contact your local council office:-

"Sheskburn House"
7 Mary Street
BT54 6QH                                            Tel:  028 2076 2225

"Riada House"
14 Charles Street
BT53 6DZ                                            Tel:  028 2766 0222

Council Depot
Gateside Road
Loughanhill Industrial Estate
BT52 7NJ                                         Tel:  028 7034 3453

7 Connell Street
BT49 0HA                                            Tel:  028 7776 0305