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The purpose of the Social Inclusion Grant Programme is to provide small grants to local community and voluntary organisations that are involved in activities that encourage people within your community, particularly those that are socially excluded, to participate in social and recreational activities. 

You may find it helpful to discuss your project with the following officer within the Community Development Team before submitting your application:

Catherine Farrimond   0287776 0311

Date for final submission of online application Friday 1st February 2019, 12noon

All organisations funded through the Social Inclusion Grant Scheme must demonstrate how their project contributes towards addressing the issues in their area. Social inclusion is about involving everyone within a community and making sure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in society. People can feel excluded or isolated for a number of reasons e.g. older people, people on low incomes, people living in isolated rural areas, people with a  disability.

You should consider how you will target those people who are socially isolated within your community and how best to promote your activities in order to ensure that those who will most benefit are aware of the activities.Organisations will be asked to report back on how effective their project has been in meeting these needs.

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