NI 100 Small Grant Programme - is now closed.

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The purpose of the NI100 Small Grant Programme is to provide funding for community and voluntary groups to contribute to an overall programme of events and activities to mark the 100th anniversary of Northern Ireland by celebrating people, places and products through community, cultural and sporting activities with an opportunity for good relations activities and to build awareness of the anniversary.

Examples of projects might include:

  • cross community heritage programmes of music traditions, traditional crafts;
  • workshop or activity programme showcasing shared history themes eg sports, agriculture, school days;
  • intergenerational projects collecting memories of NI100 themes.
  • Historic talks, seminars or conferences
  • Study visits to historic places of relevance to the centenary;
  • art project

Programme Themes and Outcomes have been developed by the NI100 Working Group and agreed by council and successful applications to the NI100 Small Grant Programme will be required to focus on at least one of these Programme Themes and meet at least one of the Outcomes.The Programme Themes are as follows:

  1. Heritage and Culture,
  2. Great Northern Ireland Minds and Innovation,
  3. Sport & Wellbeing and Community Development
  4. Food, Drink and Entertainment

Outcomes for the programme are as follows:

a) Promoting the Borough as an attractive place to visit, invest and do business, utilising the centenary to celebrate our people, places and products by showcasing the rich sporting, cultural, entrepreneurial and academic talent which exists therein;

b) Building a shared understanding of our collective history in a way that can build good relations and reconciliation within and between communities by facilitating opportunities that both reflect on our past as well as build for our future;

c) Recognising and building awareness of this significant anniversary, locally, nationally and internationally, supporting expression of the diverse identities and culture that exist within the Borough.

To access detailed guidance notes and to continue with you application for the NI 100 Small Grant please follow the following link:-

NI 100 Small Grant ProgrammeMaximum Grant Amount
Single organisations can apply for a grant ofUp to £1,500
Two organisations working together can apply for a grant ofUp to £3,500
Three or more organisations working together can apply for a grant ofUp to £5,000