Minor Capital Grant Programme

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The MINOR CAPITAL GRANT FUND is currently closed.

The Minor Capital Grant Fund will offer support to the Community and Voluntary Sector within the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council area, to develop and improve the infrastructure of community premises. Financial assistance of between £5,000 and  £30,000 is available to make small scale improvements to existing community owned premises. The project aims to assist organisations providing facilities for community use to become self-sustaining and offer enhanced community services. Council will grant aid up to 75% of total eligible project costs, organisations must match fund the remaining 25% from other sources or from their own resources (in kind contributions will not be considered).


To be eligible to apply applicants must provide evidence of ownership or lease agreements. You must demonstrate at the time of application that all required land and property is within your organisations ownership or alternatively if there is a lease in place the minimum remaining term must be 5 years. Applications which cannot demonstrate that all required lease/land/property agreements are in place will not be considered.


Evidence of statutory approvals should be in place - applicants are responsible for having the necessary statutory approvals, if applicable, in place prior to submitting their full application. Applications which cannot demonstrate that all required statutory agreements are in place will be deemed incomplete and withdrawn from further consideration.


Applications should add value to existing provision or opportunity (e.g. a project or activity which meets unmet demand and/or generates additional services). Activities should not duplicate current provision or cause displacement. 


Statutory Approvals are required to be in place or applied for prior to application e.g. Building Control approval, if required, should be applied for or Planning Permission should be applied for or in place.

New or recently renovated halls are not eligible.  (For the purposes of this programme “new or renovated” means an extensive programme of capital works £60,000 or above) in the past 5 years).

All requests for funding will satisfy the definition of capital which is defined for the purpose of this programme as the following:

Grant aid for an asset that would be expected to last at least 10 years.

Unitary in nature, e.g. a small extension or renovation, provision of enhancement lighting to enable extended use of facilities.


Projects that are likely to cause significant levels of displacement from existing facilities will not be funded by Council. Applicants are responsible for addressing this in their application and outline business case.


The application is in 3 parts, Part A and Part B can be submitted online via – www.causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk

The third part is the Outline Business Case which must be submitted to grants@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk no later than 12noon on Friday 30th March 2018