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Last updated Friday 24th April 2020

Planning staff continue to work from home on some 650 planning applications, PADs, Discharge of Conditions, Listed Building Consent, Non-Material Change applications and Consent for Works to Trees etc. 

Work is continuing on enforcement cases with priority focused on those cases reaching immunity dates.  The Development Plan team continue to work on the background papers, drafting topic papers and settlement appraisals to progress the LDP.

Staff are issuing delegated decision notices remotely and new applications and amended plans/further information are largely being received electronically allowing new and existing applications to be progressed.  Neighbour notification letters are being issued and advertisements are being placed in the local papers. The publication of the weekly list of decisions issued and applications validated have also recommenced.

The Department for Infrastructure have agreed the amended Scheme of Delega​tion for the Planning Department.  The amended Scheme of Delegation and Protocol for the Operation of the Planning Committee will be implemented from 01 May 2020.

For queries please email or ring 028 7034 7100.

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