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Latest update Friday 27th March 2020

Planning Department remains closed 

The Planning Department remains closed at this time in accordance with recent Government guidance relating to the Covid-19 pandemic and  all staff are working from home.  

Work on some 650 existing validated applications, PADs, Discharge of Conditions, Listed Building Consent, Non-Material Change applications and Consent for Works to Trees etc. is continuing within the constraints of the Government guidance.  Work is restricted in relation to accessing amended plans and correspondence sent in hard copy format to the Planning Department including further consultation on this new information. 

The weekly advertisement and contentious application lists are postponed as well as further neighbour notification. 

The processing of new applications and the issuing of decision notices is stalled as access to resources to upload plans and decisions is restricted at this time.  

The restrictions will be monitored in light of any further guidance from Government.  

During these unprecedented circumstances we appreciate your understanding and support as we consider the wider public health impact of our actions at this time.  We will endeavour to resume normal service as soon as Government guidance instructs.

Staff continue to monitor emails and telephone queries and action taken as necessary.

For queries please email or ring 028 7034 7100.

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